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How This Scientist Started & Grew a Revolutionary Chocolate Company

By Andrew Martin

May 14, 2024

beata lerman

From the lab to the kitchen, Six Figure Dinners member Dr. Beata Lerman’s journey is an inspiring story of innovation and resilience.

As the founder of Sinless Treats, Beata has transformed her personal health challenges into a thriving business that redefines the chocolate experience.

A Setback Turns Into Inspiration

A dual Ph.D. holder in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology, Dr. Lerman’s career took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in 2019. Facing a personal health crisis, she radically altered her diet, cutting out sugars and processed foods.

However, her love for chocolate remained unyielding, and it wasn’t long before her scientific curiosity led her to explore healthier alternatives.

This pursuit led to the creation of Sinless Treats, a company dedicated to producing luxury chocolates that are both delicious and health-conscious, and the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

The idea for Sinless Treats was born from Beata’s need for a premium chocolate that could be enjoyed without any health repercussions.

Her years in scientific research proved invaluable as she ventured into the world of chocolatiering.

Drawing parallels between her cancer therapy work and chocolate making, Dr. Lerman tapped into her deep understanding of biochemistry to innovate a new form of chocolate. Her new creation was designed to support health and indulgence simultaneously, using natural sweeteners and the purest cacao beans.

Transitioning from science to chocolate making, Beata applied her research skills to master the intricate art of chocolate production. She faced initial challenges with sugar substitutes and chocolate’s temperamental crystal structure but persevered to perfect her recipes.

Sinless Treats is renowned for its minimal processing and use of original DNA cacao beans sourced from eco-conscious farms in Ecuador and Costa Rica. Each chocolate piece is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality, combining health benefits with gourmet taste.

Growth and Challenges

Starting Sinless Treats was not without its hurdles.

Beata navigated the complexities of brand positioning, choosing to emphasize luxury over being just another health food brand.

This strategic decision helped differentiate Sinless Treats in a crowded market, appealing to a sophisticated audience looking for guilt-free luxury.

Her participation in Six Figure Dinners’ peer advisory board meetings provided further strategic insights, helping refine her business model and scale her operations successfully. Sales at Sinless Treats tripled organically within a year of joining, a growth Beata achieved without taking on any loans.

Beyond financial success, she found a sense of peace and a strong support network with Six Figure Dinners that sustains her.

As she told us, “When I was getting closer to a Six Figure Dinners advisory board meeting, I felt better and better. Whatever was troubling me at the time will be resolved. It is invaluable support and you cannot put a price on that.”

A Sweet Future Ahead

As Sinless Treats continues to grow, Beata’s commitment now extends beyond just selling chocolates. She actively participates in community health initiatives and educational programs, sharing her knowledge and passion for healthy living.

Sinless Treats has become synonymous with innovation in health-friendly confections, influencing industry standards and consumer expectations.

Dr. Beata Lerman’s Sinless Treats is more than a chocolate company. It’s really a testament to the power of integrating personal values with business acumen.

By focusing on health, luxury, and innovation, Beata has built a successful business and inspired others to prioritize wellness in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Beata is also a Six Figure Dinners peer advisory group member, actively participating in the community to refine her business strategies and stay connected with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Within the supportive environment of Six Figure Dinners, Beata remains an active contributor, sharing her insights and learning from others. This reciprocal exchange improves her business acumen and keeps her at the forefront of industry innovations.

Sinless Treats has a sweet future ahead, driven by Beata’s relentless pursuit of excellence and a community that values health as much as flavor.

You can visit the Sinless Treats website to learn more and to try their delicious chocolates for yourself.

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