Join Your Personal Board of Peer Advisors.

Six Figure Dinners is a curated community where business owners gather over dinner to exchange insights, lend support, and learn from each other's triumphs and challenges.

A Feast of Ideas and Opportunities with Fellow Entrepreneurs.

As a business owner, you may often feel like you’re sitting alone at a 'table for one.' There are countless impactful decisions you have to make every single day, and you probably find yourself facing challenges that are simply “unGoogleable.” Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs don't have a trusted group they can turn to for advice from others who've actually been in their shoes.

We believe the foundation of a successful business owner's journey is a trusted network of support, guidance, and shared wisdom.

Six Figure Dinners is where founders and entrepreneurs come together to discuss their most pressing issues, draw on collective experiences, and learn from each other’s journeys over a meal. Our exclusive virtual and in-person gatherings are more than just meals, they’re incubators of innovation, collaboration, and strategic advancement where our members walk away with “Six Figure Takeaways” for growing their businesses.

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It's that simple.

"Six Figure Dinners has been honestly incredible. I finally feel like I'm not alone. Each person gets a chance to dive into their business problems and everybody gets a chance to give feedback. The space has felt so safe to me, and these people have now become my friends. I would highly recommend Six Figure Dinners. It's been really great for my business and for my own mental state as a Founder."

Lydia Davies | CEO of TEEMATES app

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

At Six Figure Dinners, you get direct access to seasoned business owners who've navigated the very challenges you face today. Each member receives their own shared Board of Advisors - a group of highly successful business owners who have been there, done that. Their hard-earned insights are your shortcut to success, sparing you countless hours, effort, and common pains of business growth.

But it's not just about receiving, it's about giving back. Our community thrives on mutual support, where every member is eager to lend a hand. You're not just getting advice, you're joining a circle of trustworthy peers - a collective brain trust where every question is met with diverse perspectives, ensuring you always have the best possible path forward.

"I chose to join Six Figure Dinners because this is my very first entrepreneurial venture. Having a support system like Six Figure Dinners is priceless, and it can get you beyond those first several years when you struggle the most."

Dr. Beata Lerman | CEO of Sinless Treats Chocolate

The Six Figure Dinners Recipe for Success

Exclusive  Focus

Six Figure Dinners focuses on small business owners with $500K-$5MM in revenue, providing tailored expertise and guidance for their distinct challenges.

Fractional Advisory Board

Members gain access to a fractional Board of Advisors dedicated to offering strategic guidance, insights, and connections for sustainable growth.

Monthly Dinner Meetings

Six Figure Dinners fosters collaboration and relationships through intimate monthly dinner meetings, tackling pressing business challenges.

Comprehensive Support

Besides the Board of Advisors, members access a network of expert consultants for specialized advice and solutions tailored to their needs.

Personalized Coaching

Six Figure Dinners provides quarterly 1-on-1 meetings with a Vice Chair for personalized guidance on members' growth journeys.

Annual Retreat

The annual 3-day retreat allows members to strengthen connections, learn from experts, and gain insights in an inspiring setting.

"Six Figure Dinners is a great place to join for business owners looking for a peer-to-peer advisory board. The experience has been wonderful, the quality of service has been awesome, and the solutions they offer are definitely very helpful. I highly recommend it for any business owner seeking a trustworthy peer-to-peer advisory board."

Vincent Lee | CEO & Co-Founder of Infini Marketing

Our Members' Six Figure Takeaways

Luis Chavez

20% Growth in Profits with a Projected 50-100% Profit Increase Next Year

“Six Figure Dinners has been very helpful to me. If you’re on your way to becoming a great company, you're going to need a board of directors. You're going to need somebody who can tell you how things are. If you don't have that, I'm not sure how you're going to be able to get there.” -- Luis Chaves, Pangea Financial Group

Wendy H

Peer Guidance That Provided Renewed Vision and Improved Profitability

“I didn’t start out in Six Figure Dinners with a clear direction on where my business was going to go, but I have been able to clarify goals around the types of businesses we want to buy, who we want involved on our team, and a lot more clarity on where our business is headed in general.” -- Wendy Holley, Holley Acquisitions

Beata Lerman

3x Increase in Sales Since Joining

“When I was getting closer to the SFD advisory board meeting, I felt better and better. Whatever was troubling me at the time will be resolved. It is invaluable support and you cannot put a price on that. I have experienced a few advisory groups and by far Six Figure Dinners built the most trust. The interactions make a huge difference.” -- Dr. Beata Lerman, Sinless Treats

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