Success Stories

"Six Figure Dinners has been honestly incredible. I finally feel like I'm not alone. Each person gets a chance to dive into their business problems and everybody gets a chance to give feedback. The space has felt so safe to me, and these people have now become my friends. I would highly recommend Six Figure Dinners. It's been really great for my business and for my own mental state as a Founder."

Lydia Davies | CEO TEAMATES app

"Six Figure Dinners is a great place to join for business owners looking for a peer-to-peer advisory board. The experience has been wonderful, the quality of service has been awesome, and the solutions they offer are definitely very helpful. I highly recommend it for any business owner seeking a trustworthy peer-to-peer advisory board."

Vincent Lee | CEO & Co-Founder of Infini Marketing

"When you start a business, it feels very, very lonely. At times, it may feel that you are the only one in the world dealing with this problem, when in reality it's not. Having a support system like Six Figure Dinner is priceless and it can get you beyond those first several years when you struggle the most. I would absolutely recommend Six-Figure Dinners."

DR. Beata Lerman | CEO Sinless Treats Chocolate