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At Six Figure Dinners, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of small business owners in the $500K-$5MM revenue range. Our exclusive membership program is designed to help you overcome obstacles and reach new heights of success.

By joining, you'll access a supportive network, a fractional Board of Advisors, personalized coaching, and expert consultants to tackle your unique challenges. Our monthly remote dinners and in-person annual retreat and holiday party foster collaboration, fuel innovation, and drive sustainable growth, empowering you to navigate the complexities of business and build a lasting legacy.

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"When you start a business, it feels very, very lonely. At times, it may feel that you are the only one in the world dealing with this problem, when in reality it's not. Having a support system like Six Figure Dinner is priceless and it can get you beyond those first several years when you struggle the most. I would absolutely recommend Six Figure Dinners."

DR. Beata Lerman | CEO Sinless Treats Chocolate

Is Six Figure Dinners 

Right for You?

Are you a business owner, looking to take your $500K-$5MM business to the next level? Six Figure Dinners is the perfect solution for you.

Our ethnically diverse boards boast a balanced mix of men and women members who are committed to supporting each other's success. By joining, you'll tap into the collective wisdom, experience, and network of your peers, enabling you to overcome challenges and unlock your business's full potential. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Six Figure Dinners, and how does it differ from other peer advisory groups?

Six Figure Dinners is a unique peer advisory group designed specifically for business owners with $500K-$5MM in annual revenue. Unlike traditional peer advisory groups, our focus is on creating an intimate and engaging environment, fostering meaningful relationships and collaboration among members. We combine the power of mastermind-style Board of Advisors discussions with a network of expert consultants and personalized coaching, ensuring that our members receive tailored guidance and support. Our ethnically diverse boards provide a wide range of perspectives and experiences, setting Six Figure Dinners apart from other groups in the industry.

Who is the ideal member for Six Figure Dinners?

The ideal member for Six Figure Dinners is a business owner with annual revenues between $500K and $5MM. This member is committed to taking their business to the next level and understands the value of peer support, expert guidance, and personalized coaching. They are open to learning from others, actively participating in discussions, and sharing their own experiences and insights. They appreciate the varied perspectives that our ethnically diverse boards bring to the table, and are eager to collaborate and grow alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.

What is the structure of Six Figure Dinners meetings?

Six Figure Dinners meetings are structured to create an intimate and engaging environment that fosters collaboration and problem-solving. Each monthly remote meeting typically begins with a welcome and introductions, followed by a delicious dinner that sets the stage for meaningful conversations. After dinner, members participate in a mastermind-style Board of Advisors discussion, during which they share their business challenges, insights, and experiences. There are also regular Q&A sessions with one of our expert consultants is also included, allowing members to receive tailored advice on specific topics. This combination of peer support and expert guidance helps members address pressing business issues and work towards sustainable growth.

What is the cost of a Six Figure Dinners membership?

The membership cost is $12,000 per year paid annually or $1,200 paid monthly.

What if I don’t like my experience at Six Figure Dinners?

We will give you a full refund (not prorated) for up to one full year after joining. Please contact and we will either refund your credit card or mail you a check for the full amount. Six Figure Dinners is all about adding value. We don’t want anyone to be a member of Six Figure Dinners who doesn’t love it. If being a Six Figure Dinners member doesn’t add value to you, go where the value is added.

What is the process for becoming a member of Six Figure Dinners?

To become a member of Six Figure Dinners, interested entrepreneurs schedule a phone interview for an in-depth understanding of the community and a vetting process to ensure mutual fit, after which, if both parties agree, the entrepreneur can sign up for membership.

How does the fractional Board of Advisors work?

The expense of a full-time Board of Advisors can be overwhelming for small businesses, often exceeding $100K annually. Six Figure Dinners offers a creative and effective alternative by connecting you with a diverse, talented group of eight business owners from various industries. Our confidential, safe space excludes competitors and investors, ensuring open discussions of your business challenges. In each meeting, two members present their unique issues, and the group works together to offer valuable insights and guidance.

What types of business challenges does Six Figure Dinners help its members overcome?

Six Figure Dinners helps members overcome various business challenges such as increasing sales, streamlining operations, securing funding, managing risks, addressing HR concerns, bolstering marketing efforts, enhancing financial planning, resolving legal matters, negotiating contracts, and growing partner networks.

How often do members meet for dinner meetings and other events?

Six Figure Dinners members meet regularly, with monthly remote board meetings throughout the year, complemented by a 3-day in-person retreat in the spring, a holiday party in December, quarterly one-on-one meetings, and optional workshops or panel events.

How can I access the network of expert consultants provided by Six Figure Dinners?

Six Figure Dinners regularly hosts Consultant Panels, allowing you to meet our expert consultants in a relaxed environment. Your Board Chair will primarily introduce you to the most relevant consultants based on your specific business needs. You're also welcome to directly engage with our consultants whenever you find it beneficial.

How does Six Figure Dinners ensure confidentiality among its members?

Six Figure Dinners maintains confidentiality among its members by having each member sign a Confidentiality Agreement and providing a verbal commitment to keep all discussions within the group confidential. This ensures a trusting environment where members can openly discuss their business challenges without concern for information leaks.

Can you tell me more about the annual 3-day retreat for members?

At Six Figure Dinners, building trust among board members is a top priority. Trust encourages members to share their genuine business challenges and be receptive to constructive feedback. Our annual retreat focuses on fostering trust and connection by providing members the opportunity to share their life stories and immerse themselves in nature for 72 hours. No ropes course or trust falls. Unplugging from the daily grind and embracing the natural world can inspire some of the most profound business creativity.

What is the overall time commitment required for Six Figure Dinners membership?

Typically estimate the time commitment to be 5-10 hours per month.

Can I recommend a business associate or friend for membership in Six Figure Dinners?

Definitely. You will be credited $2,000 if you refer another member.

What locations do the board meetings take place?

While we do have some in-person gatherings in our hub cities, all of our monthly board meetings are held remotely. We use Zoom for remote board board meetings.

How do you find Board Chairs?

Our professional business consultants are carefully selected for their extensive mentoring experience. Prospective consultants undergo a thorough evaluation process, including interviews and a 6+ month hands-on practice period with Andrew, to ensure they possess the expertise and interpersonal skills necessary to effectively guide our members.

Who leads each Six Figure Dinners board?

Six Figure Dinners has identified Board Chairs who are both small business owners and consultants/coaches. These individuals are uniquely qualified to lead boards, because they see both sides of the equation. Every one of our Board Chairs has led a profitable small business and each one of them has coaching/consulting experience.